Android System Properties

While I was developing an Android app for a customer of mine, I asked to myself:- "which are the system properties available on Android Platform?".I cannot find any exaustive page on internet speaking about that, so I wrote this post to share what I discover.I wrote a simple app that prints in the log the system properties. This is what I found: android.vm.dexfile:true Runtime java.runtime.version:0.9 java.vendor:The Android Project java.vendor.url: java.vm.version:1.0.1 java.vm.vendor:The Android Project java.vm.vendor.url: Virtual Machine Specification java.vm.specification.vendor:The Android Project java.vm.specification.version:0.9 java.library.path:/system/lib jav... [Prosegue]

LWUIT on Android

Last month I ported a couple of my J2ME/LWUIT apps on Android. I used the LWUIT port from Thorsten [1]. I downloaded the source code from LWUIT incubator SVN [2], but I spent a lot of time in merging the LWUIT original classes with the Thorsten's classes needed to port to Andoid and then I spent a lot of time again to produce a .jar usable with Android SDK. In this post I want to share the Eclipse project that I created to compile and jar the Thorsten's LWUIT Android port and I want to show how to write a simple HelloWorld LWUIT-Android project. Requirements: 1) Eclipse Helios or later2) Android SDK3) LWUITPortAndroid eclipse projectnz You can download LWUITPortAndroid from here:LWUITPortAndroid.zipYou may want to update the source code to the latest version of Thorsten's port. If so check out the latest Thorsten's port from the SVN url above and overwrite the classe in my project. I... [Prosegue]