Finally Sun J2ME on Windows Mobile

Some days ago I got my new Acer P300. Windows Mobile 6.5.3, QWERTY keyboard; great phone! But after a few clicks I discovered that it doesn't supply a Java Virtual Machine to run J2ME applications. So, I started googling to find a Java Virtual Machine for my phone. After a couple of hours, surfing here and there, following links in forums, blogs, etc., I found some different solutions but after installation on my phone, they don't work as expected. Some of them don't start at all. Some others start but many Java MIDlets doesn't work. Most MIDlets refuse to install and even if you manage to install one, they either do not work or display with some bad resolutions. I was in a hell of JVM!The following are the ones that seem to work better: IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator V2.3; JRebeiro_Esmertec Jbed; Esmertec Jbed 20090506.2.1 by Aqrab;  Intent_MIDlet_Manager_11.1.7.1036; ... [Prosegue]