Smart Card Middleware, the Big Picture

"Smart Card Middleware" usually means a set of libraries that allows integrating the smart card in third party applications. But the question is which exactly are the libraries supplyed by a smart card middleware? The schema below shows the "Big Picture": [More]

Smart Card database by ATR

As described in Part 3 of ISO 7816 specifications, the ATR is a sequence of bytes sent by the microchip when replying to a RESET signal. In practical terms, each RESET operation induces on the I/O contact a microchip’s reply constituted by up to 33 characters coding a set of information relating to microchip’s characteristics such as: supported transmission protocols, installed operating system, microchip’s version and manufacturer and so on. [More]

Web Digital Signature and Authentication using 4Identity

Starting from Chrome 46 and Edge on Windows 10, Java Applets are not more supported. As of this writing, Firefox and Safari still support them but we expect that in a near future they will stop supporting them. For such reason existing solutions for Digital Signature and Authentication based upon Java Applets will not work any more. Bit4id has developed a revolutionary product that empowers web applications with Digital Signature and Authentication processes removing the need of Java Applets or any other third party add-on. 4identity is simple, its is compatible with any web browser and works under the most used operating systems. It gives you the power to develop web signature application and seamlessly deploy to web interfaces. [More]