Secure Element

A secure element (SE) is a tamper-resistant device capable of securely hosting applications and their confidential and cryptographic data (e.g. key management) in accordance with the rules and security requirements set forth by a set of well-identified trusted authorities. This presentation shows our solutions about Secure Element  

Android System Properties

While I was developing an Android app for a customer of mine, I asked to myself:- "which are the system properties available on Android Platform?".I cannot find any exaustive page on internet speaking about that, so I wrote this post to share what I discover.I wrote a simple app that prints in the log the system properties. This is what I found: android.vm.dexfile:true Runtime java.runtime.version:0.9 java.vendor:The Android Project java.vendor.url: java.vm.version:1.0.1 java.vm.vendor:The Android Project java.vm.vendor.url: Virtual Machine Specification ja... [More]

LWUIT on Android

Last month I ported a couple of my J2ME/LWUIT apps on Android. I used the LWUIT port from Thorsten [1]. I downloaded the source code from LWUIT incubator SVN [2], but I spent a lot of time in merging the LWUIT original classes with the Thorsten's classes needed to port to Andoid and then I spent a lot of time again to produce a .jar usable with Android SDK. In this post I want to share the Eclipse project that I created to compile and jar the Thorsten's LWUIT Android port and I want to show how to write a simple HelloWorld LWUIT-Android project. Requirements: 1) Eclipse Helios or later2) Android SDK3) LWUITPortAndroid eclipse projectnz You can download LWUITPortAndroid from here:LWUITPor... [More]